Policy Statements

Security Policy

As this site does not perform any financial transactions, nor generate any emails, there are no encryption mechanisms in place.

You will never be asked by anybody associated with this site for any confidential information via this web site.

If you get any such request from what appears to be somebody associates with us:

  • Do NOT give out the information
  • Contact us and forward us a copy of the request

Privacy Policy

In order to read the public areas of this site, you do not need to provide us with any information at all. For site navigation purposes, a small cookie might be sent to your browser, but we do not collect nor store any information about you other than that necessary to provide the navigation within your session.

For some restriced sections of the web site (where we have information that might relate to a particular project that is not yet ready for general release), we require that you pre-register with us. We will then create a user name and an initial password for you, and will forward that password to you by secure means. You are then able to log on and change your password. The only information we collect and store is your name and an encrypted hash of your password – we cannot read it or retrieve it (but we can change or disable it).

We do not sell or otherwise distribute membership lists.

We do not send any unsolicited email.

Browser / Web Standards Policy

This web site is for general information purposes only. All care is taken to achieve XHTML 1.0 compatibility, and we do attempt to meet general accessibility standards. However, in order to make maintenance of the web site as decentralised as possible (and thereby keeping it fresh and up to date), we have a number of editors with various degrees of proficiency in HTML and standards. Our webmaster will generally clean up any major departures from these standards over a period of time, but if you find that a particular page is not rendering correctly please drop us a note using the contact information on our Contact page.

We support recent versions of all popular browsers.